The Holy Order

When humans flocked to Elrador long ago, the Great Prophet spoke with a deity far more powerful than all others. He performed miracles and saw the future, with all of his predictions coming true. He said that he had spoken to Eru, the Overdeity, and He had imparted the truth of the world to him. He had chosen humans to rule the Ophion, and gave them rules by which to live.

This was the start of the Holy See, a powerful organization centered in Elrador. Elrador itself is ruled as a theocracy by the Bishopric of Whitefall, but the Holy See has presence in Rodmar, Theadras, Ourburos, Gaulacia, Fueni and Karaka. It functions differently in each nation, but generally holds some kind of authority to prosecute heretics and those accused of supernatural crimes.

Though most paladins devote their lives to Eru, it is acceptable, especially in less civilized lands, for a paladin to be a follower of The Old Ways. Religion is not the main focus of the paladin’s quest. Justice, honor and virtue are ideals transcending religion, founded and respected in all societies, and a paladin’s duty is to defend those ideals. They fall under several classifications within the order. (Note that all titles are held by paladins, that is, characters with class levels in paladin. Their title differs depending on their role.)

Paladin— this title is given to those who are sworn to do good in the name of honor and justice. They tend to go where they are needed, because evil never rests, but always runs.

Justicar —these ranking paladins are generally held in reserve, and dispatched in the face of overwhelming evil. A necromancer creating an undead army, or an assassin’s guild taking powerful hostages are examples of events that would trigger justicar dispatch.

Knight -—called ‘sir’ or ‘dame’, these are paladins whom have accepted land from a feudal lord or other such ruler, and in exchange devote their service to a particular community. Knights to not travel, but rather form intimidate bonds with their community and work as peacekeepers. Note that land may be given to those not of the order, and while they may be called ‘knights,’ the proper ‘Knight’ refers to a paladin.

Inquisitor —common in the holy land and across the civilized world, these are traveling paladins who do not focus on slaying bandits or rescuing kidnapped maidens, but rather put all their effort into hunting heretics. Practitioners of forbidden magic are their targets, and they often learn specialized skills to find, hunt, and extract confessions from these corrupt folk.

The Holy Order

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