Frost Shadow

An ancient fey staff of magical power.


Frost Shadow, the staff used by the Cait Sith Alston, was crafted aeons ago in Arcadia, the grandest of all Faerie cities. It was made as an instrument of war to do battle with the Summer Court during the Dawn Wars, and was wielded by several fey sorcerers during that conflict. Afterward, it settled into the hands of the wicked house Leanan, who used it’s powers to enhance their control over mortals and take them as hounds and slaves.

Alston acquired it in a barter with the Leanan, trading them a dominated Sidhe noble in exchange for the staff. He used it to cowe his gang of ogres into accepting him as leader by freezing solid their old leader. And from there, he brought it to the human world, where he was finally defeated.


Frost Shadow

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