The Ineffable Mysteries of Ophion

A Mysterious Conspiracy

Aurin, Vaedrik, Sonia and Ezrael fell at the hands of a brutish pirate captain of the Black Arrows thieve’s guild, sent to ensure they did not reach their destination. Talo Fisher, scrying on the boat to ensure his business interests, discovered what had happened, and hired three mercenaries of the Nightwatch to set things straight; Taksis, Verya, and Soverlanth.

They were able to rescue the crew of Ferris’ Folly, and aided Shrike in delivering the illicit goods to Rosck. They were also asked to help settle the problems with the guild in town. The local guild leader, Tristea, said that Black Arrows had been operating in the town, subverting Nightwatch members and were planning a takeover. She had already killed many individuals, but had a list of yet more for the mercenaries to dispose of. However, upon gathering information, they learned that these were all individuals who had opposed her recently…

The mercenaries, accompanied by Shrike, followed her one night to find her sneaking into an old abbandoned temple, where she traveled through a tunnel to a sewer conduit of sorts. The group followed her through the refuse, slaying an Otyugh and finding the hidden door she’d accessed, reaching a recently-dug complex beneath the town. There they found Yuan-ti, the strange snake-people of the Sahruk empire. Purebloods and halfbloods awaited them, along with a cleric of the Sun-Dragon who was delivering orders to Tristea. After slaying them all, they found a strange concoction which was being used to transform the people of town into some form of hybrid or slave to the yuan-ti. Tristea was a victim as well.

After exposing the rest of the infiltrators in the guild, the mercenaries left, headed for Arali. They have heard and seen that the nation has been affected strangely these past few weeks, with peasent uprisings and civil unrest reaching a peak. In the port of Paleos, while waiting for their boat to return, they discovered citizens demanding more protection from the local government. Murders were rampant in the city.

Taksis and Soverlanth found the murders by posing as a wealthy merchant and his bodyguard. After a short inspection, they were revealed to be more Yuan-ti. But they could not hide this from a local paladin of Kaia, who demanded that they tell her what was going on, so that the church might be able to help protect the city. Taken alive, these two prisoners are to be brought back to Arali for further questioning…


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